Destination Derry conducted some research on working from home and remote working. The following is some feedback in brief:

  • Most remote workers found it helpful to have a clear workspace set up in the home
  • They found the experience to be overall less stressful than a normal workplace and appreciated the increased amount of time with their family
  • Many poll takers found their mental health would suffer if they spent too much time in the home without adequate breaks
  • For the most part, they found that working from home was far more convenient and required much less preparation in the morning
  • The ability to schedule your own work day, including taking a break whenever you want was valued very highly in the poem
  • Remote workers found that being able to balance household chores and work tasks on the fly was a great benefit to them
  • In many cases, remote workers found that the increased flexibility offered by working from home led to increased productivity on their part