Destination Derry ‘Connecting with Home’ Event St. Patrick’s Eve 2021

Destination Derry are a not-for-profit, collaborative social enterprise, aiming to raise the profile of Derry city and county as a great place to live, work, study and visit. Last Tuesday, on the 16th of March, Destination Derry held their virtual ‘Connecting with Home’ St. Patrick’s Day event for Derry locals and diaspora. The event was a great success, causing a real buzz on social media and allowed people all over the world to celebrate the holiday together. There was diaspora from Saudi Arabia, Nairobi, Germany, London, America and further afield that were in attendance on the night, which highlights the importance of the event, as attendees were having to juggle different time zones in order to be there.

The night started with a welcome from the host Evelyn Mc Glynn, who then introduced Michael Taggart, CEO of Taggart Homes and Destination Derry. Michael thanked everyone for being there, saying, “this is something that was born, probably less than a year ago, this is our second event, we’re very proud of it and in particular, we’re very proud of our city and our county.

We want to bring more visitors here and show what a fantastic place Derry is to live and work.” Michael then went on to talk about all of the great things on offer in Derry, saying, “we have so much to do in the county. We have hiking, walks, lots of fabulous hotels, restaurants and great, warm, friendly people.” Michael’s enthusiasm for where he lives was plain to see and it was followed by a video of him taking us on a journey across county Derry.

Rosalind Young from the Derry City & Strabane District Council shared some current news on all the positive things going on in the city, such as the rollout of vaccinations, businesses preparing for reopening and information about the £250m Derry city deal. She commented, “there’s always been enormous pride in this city and many times we’ve talked about the city’s potential and now we have the strategic growth plan and more importantly, the buy-in from all of our stakeholders and we’re starting to see that investment now.” A full reviewing of all things discussed on the night can be found on the video on the Destination Derry website.

Binenvenagh Co Derry

The event was also aiming to shine a light on the Derry Diaspora and those thinking about relocating and one of those diaspora was Robert O’Dowd, Ulster University alumni and Director of Growth Strategy at Notable, a boutique consulting agency in New York. Aside from his professional development, Robert spoke about his years growing up in Derry, saying, “I was fortunate enough to be there when there was a real push for the City of Culture bid, where every other week there was another festival and things happening, so that was a tremendous moment to be a part of and to live through in Derry and it’s just incredibly exciting to see what is now on the forefront of the Derry and Strabane district deal and it only bodes for more promising things to come, especially for people like myself who are maybe developing a view of how and when I may wish to try and relocate back home to Derry, while maintaining a bi-Atlantic presence.”

Other highlights included traditional Irish music from Dearbhla Scallon and Moya Sweeney – students from Ulster University, nostalgic videos of previous St. Patrick’s Day parades, a message from the Derry and Strabane district Mayor, Brian Tierney, guest speakers and the night concluded with an original poem, written and recited by Carla Fulton, an intern at Destination Derry and English Literature graduate from Ulster University.

The breakout rooms nearing the end of the event allowed people to connect and speak to others that were missing contact with people due to the pandemic and the feedback has been heart-warming, with one lady saying that St. Patrick’s Day was always a day to look forward to with her family, so this year she had been dreading its arrival but because of the event, it helped her feel like she wasn’t alone.

All in all the night was a great success, with almost 150 people booked, the team at Destination Derry done an excellent job at showcasing all that the city and county has to offer, while creating a space for people all over the world to come together and celebrate this special holiday.

Destination Derry are excited to work with local community and government bodies in the near future to host more events like this and they are encouraging all businesses to register for free on their website to promote themselves in time for restrictions lifting and the city reopening. Visit to find out more and follow the initiative on social media to stay updated on future events.

Watch the replay video 

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As part of our recent #connectingwithhome online event for Destination Derry Michael Taggart enjoyed put together his favourite ‘must visit’ attractions in his home county of Derry.

In this first part of a journey through County Derry he introduces local attractions that are right on our doorstep. Derry is definitely full of hidden treasures!

Destination Derry launching our most exciting project to date

This St. Patrick’s Day Eve, on the 16th of March at 7pm, Destination Derry are launching their most exciting project yet. ‘Connecting with Home’ is a virtual event for locals and the Derry diaspora across the world. Our lives have been affected by the pandemic and it’s meant that we’ve had to do things very differently – birthdays, Christmas, family meals out have all been put on hold and it’s the same for St. Patrick’s Day. While we are unable to have street parties and parades this year, Destination Derry is offering a night of nostalgia, music and Derry craic!

Guests include students from Ulster University performing a modern take on traditional Irish music, as well as a UU student and Destination Derry team member performing an original poem, written specially for the event. Other guests include City of Derry airport, members of the Derry and Strabane District Council, the Millennium Forum and the North West Community Network.

There will be discussions from local businesses and their faith in the future, speaking about how they have been affected by the pandemic and what they believe the world of business and work will look like post-COVID19. We’ll open the floor to some speakers to ask what you miss about home and reminisce together of St. Patrick Days gone by, while watching a photographic exhibition of Derry of the past and present.

The Derry Diaspora are coming home virtually

Tickets are limited and selling out fast and there are Derry diaspora from Germany, Liverpool, London, Scotland and Saudi Arabia that will be in attendance. In a world where we have been living with such uncertainty, there’s one thing that we can be sure about and that is the need for connection, which is why we know this past year has been particularly difficult for our Diaspora.

“Home is where you go to find solace from the ever-changing chaos, to find love within the confines of a heartless world, and to be reminded that no matter how far you wander, there will always be something waiting when you return.”

If we take a look at the stats, we can see that “the latest CSO figures show that over the past decade 380,000 Irish people emigrated while 250,000 returned. In the past, emigration was driven by poor economic performance in Ireland, however, over the period 2013 to 2019 when the economy was growing very rapidly, almost half of the cohort of young people in their mid-20s emigrated and two-thirds of them subsequently returned.” It’s no surprise that this year, migration flows have fallen dramatically due to the pandemic and although we are able to speak to family with the help of technology, nothing compares to a real-life hug.

Join us on 16th March by booking your ticket

Until that day comes, however, why not join us on the 16th of March for a fun, informal event highlighting what’s great about Derry and having a good catch-up. We are delighted to be partnering with local business and government to make this event happen and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

City Deal and Inclusive Future Fund

Launched on the 24th of February 2021, the Derry City and Strabane District Council have secured funding of £210m as part of the City Deal and Inclusive Future Fund, making it the largest ever single investment package from the UK Government and Northern Ireland Executive. Derry City and Strabane District Council and its project delivery partners are contributing additional funding of circa £40m, bringing the total investment to around £250m.

The impact of this funding is predicted to triple the expected rate of employment growth, with an additional 7,000 jobs created by 2032 and GVA is anticipated to have increased by around £230m per year by the end of the decade. Some of the proposed investments for the city include the creation of a centre for industrial digitisation, robotics and automation, the redevelopment of Derry’s riverfront and a medical school at Ulster University’s Magee campus.
Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill described the deal as a “game-changer for the regional economy, driving growth and creating opportunities for people,” adding, “there is an abundance of potential in the north west and this funding will help to harness it for the good of all.”

Derry has come so far

If we take a look back through the years, we can see just how far Derry has come and what makes it so great.
It was the opening of the iconic Peace Bridge in 2011 and becoming the UK City of Culture in 2013 that proved to be real catalysts in creating a new story for the city. At the start of the culture year, artist David Shrigley created the ‘Small City Becomes Huge’ artwork, which depicted the true pride felt by the entire city and in every community, there was a real sense of, ok what next!?

It’s no secret that Derry has a history of being a politically divided city but conflict transformation is an area which its citizens are extremely proud of. Derry is now a more reconciled, shared space with a shared ambition for the future. The Peace Bridge really connected the city for the first time and there has already been significant investment in the city’s riverfront and public realm, as well as the transformation of the former military sites into centres for innovation, technology and creative industries.

Derry has also proven itself to be a standout heritage destination, as up until COVID-19, there was significant growth in the sector, with rising visitor and employee numbers. Derry has also established itself as a standout food destination with the Legenderry Food brand, with local produce being prioritised by hospitality, retail and consumers.

Continued Strategic Growth for Derry & Strabane

It was actually in 2017 that the strategic growth plan for the city and district was launched and this 15-year plan set out a number of ambitious targets for the city. In 2019 Derry was successful in their bid for a city region growth deal and inclusive future fund, with the match funding announced earlier this year. In fact, there have already been significant improvements to the area, such as the beginning of the A6 (Derry-Belfast) and the creation of over 5000 new jobs since 2015 in the City and District.

The current global pandemic and Brexit was something that could never have been factored into things but with Brexit, the city region is in a unique position as the only functioning economic region in UK with a land border with EU, having the potential to act as a bridge to both UK and EU markets.

There is so much to love about Derry

There is already so much to love about Derry and this deal is only going to make the area better. The people are always described as warm, friendly and welcoming and there is a strong sense of community. In relation to the pandemic, what is particularly important in an era of remote working is broadband infrastructure – Derry has broadband which is both reliable and fast. Other perks include: 100km of greenways for walking, running and cycling, a cheaper cost of living compared to other UK cities, with some of the shortest commute times in the UK.

There’s no doubt that this new city deal will bring with it a wealth of opportunities and assets and will make an already thriving city even better, so it will be nice to look back at Derry in a few years and see what has changed.

What do you love most about the city? We’d love to hear!

Press Release 18th Feb 2021

Another St. Patricks Day without local or global celebrations and the Irish community coming together to connect and celebrate as only they know how.

This year  Destination Derry and Friends want you to join with us as we celebrate St Patrick’s eve virtually, an evening filled with friends, “Home”, Irish music, culture and a Derry catch up!

The event Destination Derry – Connecting With Home will take place virtually on Zoom on St Patrick’s Eve March 16th from 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm

With an opportunity to network with others worldwide in the Destination Derry – Connecting With Home breakout zoom rooms, this is a great opportunity to celebrate a unique St. Patrick’s eve event.

Destination Derry (a not for profit collaborative community project powered by Taggart Homes) and partners are hosting a free, virtual, celebration to connect Derry people from all over the world with their local Derry community. A chance to make connections, reminisce and celebrate together while being apart. The event will also offer an opportunity to Foyle Search and Rescue to share their story and how all of us can help them in the great work that they do.

Many of our family and friends were unable to make it home for Christmas and future plans are uncertain. Destination Derry have partnered with others across the city and county to create an opportunity to meet online and experience a St. Patrick’s event that will be a nostalgic reminder of home, a destination that they will hopefully be able to return to very soon.

Partnering with Ulster University, Derry City and Strabane District Council, the Millennium Forum, City of Derry Airport, the North West Community Network and Taggart Homes to host a St. Patrick’s Day event that is reflective of the times we are living in.

What can you expect?

Destination Derry – Connecting With Home

  • Learn more about Destination Derry an initiative to promote Derry city and county as a great place to Live Learn Work and Visit delivered by Michael Taggart.
  • Message from Brian Tierney Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council
  • Memories from home – nostalgia and local memories to bring you virtually to the heart of Derry.
  • Entertainment by Ulster University students and a chat with a graduate from the Magee campus, now pursuing a career on the global stage.
  • Looking Back Moving Forward a nostalgic photo and video exhibition of St. Patrick’s event from other years.
  • What’s happening in Derry right now – the growth.
  • Our business partners discuss “Their Derry” their memories, the future and what’s ahead. An intimate conversation with those who chose Derry as the location to set up their business, or place of work and how they reflect on their life in this special part of the world.
  • Opportunity to network with others worldwide in the Destination Derry Connecting With Home breakout zoom rooms.

This past year has been extremely tough for many and has brought about a new way of working, living and interacting, so although we can’t be together in person this St. Patrick’s Day, we can use this opportunity to come together online and celebrate all that Derry means to us, at home and abroad.

Book for this free event here. Everyone welcome at home or away.

 Destination Derry St Patricks virtual event

For further media enquiries contact Evelyn 0035387 2246989

In Conversation with Ulster University about the School of Health Sciences

On Tuesday the 2nd of February, we interviewed a spokesperson from Ulster University about the relocation of the School of Health Sciences.

DD: How did the relocation of the Ulster University School of Health Sciences to Derry come about?

UU: As the Ulster University School of Health Sciences, we are the regional provider of most of the Allied Health Professions workforce for HSC in Northern Ireland. Workforce planning within Health and Social Care (HSC) highlighted the need for continued growth in this group of employees so when looking at where best to locate these courses, we carried out a full Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) and took into consideration responses to a public consultation that closed in December 2020.

Following that process, Ulster University has decided that it will re-locate undergraduate Health Sciences programmes from its Jordanstown campus to the Magee campus at Derry-Londonderry from September 2022, bringing 800 students to Derry. The relocation decision is a necessity arising from the decision to close Jordanstown. This will see students train in: diagnostic radiography, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, speech and language therapy, radiotherapy and oncology, as well as healthcare science, in the city.

DD: What will the benefits be?

UU: The decision to relocate to the Magee Campus in Derry – Londonderry reflects the benefits and opportunities presented by the co-location of the School of Medicine, Paramedic Practice and the award-winning School of Nursing, all of which are based at the Magee campus. Bringing these programmes together will open up opportunities for an interdisciplinary student learning environment, as well as building on existing research collaborations in personalised medicine and cognitive analytics based at Magee.

It is an exciting time to further enhance our specialism in Life and Health Sciences in the North West as this cutting-edge research environment is set to grow even further through the creation of centres of excellence for health and industry through the Derry and Strabane City Deal in the years ahead. The School of Medicine as well as this growth in the Life and Health Sciences skills provision, will further boost the reputation of Derry-Londonderry as a hub for Life and Health Sciences. Now more than ever, Derry-Londonderry is a great place to study and plan a dynamic career and what better place to learn and acquire skills than in a designated UNESCO Learning City!

DD: Has this decision been influenced at all by the COVID-19 pandemic?

UU: This process commenced in 2018, however in terms of the current context we all find ourselves in; now, more than ever, with a health service that continues to face sustained challenge in tackling COVID-19, we are acutely aware of the vital contribution of our allied health professionals. Our beautiful Magee campus in the heart of the city will best enable the NHS strategic emphasis on development of multi-disciplinary teams and rich opportunities for interprofessional learning.

DD: Is there anything else you would like to add?
UU: We are delighted that students and graduates will get to pursue such exciting and vital career paths in Derry – Londonderry. We look forward to working with our colleagues, the student body, all the HSC Trusts and our many partners in Derry-Londonderry to welcome students and staff to this progressive school on what is a beautiful campus in a vibrant university city.

Derry-Londonderry is an excellent destination in which to study, work, live, visit and invest. In partnership with Derry City and Strabane District Council, we are proud to be part of the exciting growth that is happening in the city and region at present.

Find out all about living in Derry Londonderry here

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. With 2021 just around the corner, families all across the world are reuniting virtually this Christmas.

With this in mind, Taggart Homes who power the Destination Derry initiative have launched their Christmas message, #ItsTimeToComeHome video.

In keeping with the theme of Destination Derry, the message is simple. Home is at the heart of who we are. Now with remote working and working from home, maybe it’s time to consider coming home. Being closer to those we love.

Families and friends everywhere are desperately missing their loved ones, so Taggart Homes created this video to showcase the importance of home and in particular the wonderful spirit of being home in Derry at Christmas.

It highlights what an amazing place Derry is and that our thoughts are with everyone, especially our Derry Diaspora living abroad and unable to share the festive season with the ones they love at home.

This is a message of hope.

Throughout this year, our community have had to adapt to a new way of living and working. Working remotely has resulted in a new way of living and working in the region. Where originally we no choice, a new world of choice has opened up. This is remote working and working from home in Derry.

In recent months Derry has been ranked as the top place in Northern Ireland to work from home. Plus it’s fourth best in the UK. Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Cllr Brian Tierney, said

“Derry and Strabane ticks all the right boxes when it comes to working from home and working remotely. Not only is there accessibility through strong broadband speeds, but the high scores on green spaces, low crime and air quality show that Derry and Strabane is a fantastic overall location for working and living.”

If you are considering relocating to Derry city or county, visit our Live section to find out about what we have to offer.

It is a great place to live, work, study and visit. Plus it offers a low cost of living, affordable housing and a warm and welcoming community.

We would also like to say a well done to the St Cecilia’s College choir for their beautiful rendition of O Holy Night and to congratulate them on their recent win of the prestigious UK-wide Gold Teaching Award, selected from thousands of nominations as one of the nation’s most inspirational schools.

Visit and read all the great blogs and case studies written by people who have returned or relocated here to live in Derry.

If you are in business in the region you can register your details for free on the Destination Derry website or feel free to get in touch with queries or to tell us your story about #cominghome.

You can also check out our Destination Derry social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Finally we wish you Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

Escape from England – Destination Derry!

My partner and I had been looking to escape from England. We both lived in Northamptonshire – “semi” retired, in our 50’s and looking for a better and more holistic lifestyle. My partner had spent some of her childhood on the outskirts of Dublin, moving permanently to England at the age of 19. I had never lived in Ireland but was aware of the natural beauty of the country and the charm of its people, who, as a Northerner, I had always found incredibly friendly. I had travelled to Ireland many times for business, usually Belfast and Dublin, with a few trips to Cork and Shannon and the obligatory stag weekends in Dublin. Only once, more than 20 years ago had I been to Derry on a brief business trip and it made such an impression on me that I had always wanted to return for leisure but never got around to it.

Nearing the end of 2019, we knew we wanted out of England and considered Ireland as a good potential destination, so we flew to Belfast on the 3rd January 2020 to explore. We had an insanely good time there, much better craic than you would find in England! We hired a car and headed through the breath-taking, rugged landscape to Derry where we stayed for 3 nights, enjoying a fabulous time in the local pubs and exploring the area. During our trip, we viewed a few houses at a new build development company in Culmore before flying home. Wow! We were so impressed by the location, quality and price of what was on offer – much better than anything in England! We knew that this is where we wanted to be.

Heading back to Belfast, we both agreed that we had experienced one of those moments in life where a different path suddenly illuminates.

I’m an impulsive individual who very much subscribes to the Richard Branson philosophy of “screw it, let’s do it” and on the 10th January we paid the deposit on the house we fell in love with. Finalities came just 40 days later and we were here! We have a better house than we could have afforded in England and really lovely neighbours who have made us very welcome here.

I think Northern Ireland is a bit of a well-kept secret in England. People don’t know much about what it’s like here, which is a pity because it’s such a unique place and very much a land of opportunity, particularly Derry, which is often overlooked.

Post-BREXIT Northern Ireland occupies a unique place in Europe. It is the only place in the UK with an open land ‘border’ to the European Union that we are now privileged to live less than a mile from. I like the idea of the best of both worlds. Derry is truly a special place, with a passionate and genuine people who appreciate quality and nature’s bounty.

Derry is in a fabulous location at the mouth of the Foyle, right on the boarder of Donegal. In less than 30 minutes I can be on the Wild Atlantic coast of Ireland having driven through the Mamore Gap mountain pass. Seeing the patchwork fields and hamlets of the “Poitin republic of Urris” spread before, you would be forgiven for thinking you had entered The Shire from The Lord of the Rings. It is stunning! Likewise, 20Km gets you to Inch Island in Lough Swilly. Here, my partner was on the beach at the harbour one day with her 2 year-old granddaughter, who had also relocated to Derry with her mother at the same time as us. They were chatting to the Fishermen who were landing their catch and left with a complementary sample of their yield that I cooked. Fresh king and queen scallops and oysters and freely given with a smile; a perfect example of Irish hospitality. Also on your doorstep is the amazing Causeway Coastal route and Sperrin Mountains, with its eerie elevated pine forests calling to be explored.

The city itself is fascinating, with a rich history and sense of pride. It is a walled city full of character and has everything you need locally. The floral displays the council provide and maintain are fantastic, I have rarely seen healthier bedding plants nor more profuse displays. I never tire of the views of the Foyle with its ever-changing patina of colours as I drive into the city, nor the views of the Lough and mountains as I come back home.

To us, as runaways from England, we love it here. Everything is better and cheaper. The food is much better quality than we would get at home with organic, local produce being the norm. Even the roads are better maintained. We don’t pay for prescriptions or water, unlike in England. We have community convenience stores here that actually are “proper” local shops where you can get anything you need at a reasonable price – like a takeaway 8 piece Ulster Fry breakfast for just £2.50, and where you will be made to feel welcome by the staff.

Derry is a great place. I know we made the right decision to move here and wish we had done so years ago, you would be doing yourself a great disservice not to come and see what’s on offer.

Finally, we feel at home and look forward to the continuing journey of discovery that awaits us.

D & C, proud new Derry residents.

18 October 2020

Find out more about living in Derry here

Destination Derry Webinar – A Great Place To Live and Work

The Destination Derry website was launched recently through a webinar, promoting Derry city and county as a great place to Live, Work, Study and Visit.

A number of guest speakers from business, community and government life joined on the day to share their voice on working from home, growth in the community and why Derry really is such a great place to live.

Watch the full webinar here.

Jennifer and Killian’s story to Co Derry

We, Jennifer and Killian knew each other from university in Dublin but ended up forming a relationship in Tasmania 12 years later, after Killian had been living and working there for some time. Staying there for three years together, adding Lochlann to the family along the way. We decided that it would be important for Lochlann and his grandparents to be near to each other… but not too near, as it turns out.

So, in May 2019, we sold what we could and packed up the rest, while Lochlann mostly stared at the ceiling making googoo noises. We flew back to Dublin and stayed with the grandparents for what ended up being six months while we tried to figure out where to live and what to do. Killian worked as a kayak guide and tried to find work in renewable energy. When the right job came along, it was in Derry. Hmm, we knew we wanted to be outside of Dublin but Derry was never on the cards, especially since we had just spent six months setting ourselves up in the Republic of Ireland systems.

On the way to an interview in Belfast, Killian did a quick tour of some towns in Derry near to the work sites and decided that Limavady looked nice (although, he only actually made it as far as the country park). When the job offer arrived, the family spent three nights in Ballykelly and had great meals at The Well and The Drummond, where Killian helped put up the Christmas tree and we were bought a pint by a friendly business owner. Jennifer’s early hesitations about the whole ordeal were softened.

We had set aside a day for looking at places and the one that suited us most was in Limavady. A month later we were moving in and have lived here since.

Current story

It turns out that we love it here. The people are extremely friendly and some new friends helped us celebrate our wedding last month (at time of writing). We have a wonderful leisure centre and pool across the road, cycle routes to town and convenience shops everywhere. For the baba, there are endless toddler groups and activities, heaps of playgrounds and other open spaces and creches to choose from. For us, the town is full of independent shops like Inside Out, The Furniture Factory and Chaps Subzero.

It was easy for Jen to look amazing at the wedding but Killian certainly couldn’t have looked so well without stumbling across Different Class in Derry City. One of the things we like is how easy it is to get to Derry from Limavady and we can stop at Ethical Weigh on the way back and get packaging-free goods (and pick up some eggs from the Hunters farm container).

It’s very easy to get out to Coleraine too and onwards to Portrush and the Causeway Coast, or Donegal by road or ferry. Killian sometimes has to go to Edinburgh on business trips too and, within 2.5hours of leaving the front door, he can be sitting at a desk in Edinburgh via the City of Derry Airport.

What makes living here great

What really makes living here great, though, is how close we are to the outdoors. Within 15 minutes from our home we can walk in any of Roe Country Park, Ness Country Park or Muff Glen Forest Park. In the same amount of time, we could be hiking the spectacular Binevenagh, surfing at Benone on one of the longest beaches on the island or kayaking on our local whitewater river, the Roe.

We also play a lot of music and find that the Roe Valley Arts Centre is a great place to visit. We have played at locally organised Dogleap Events evenings and are booked for some recording at Blast Furnace in Derry City in the next month. Jennifer sings professionally and so having Drenagh House & Estate and the Roe Park Resort nearby is handy too. Just writing this down makes us really appreciate how there are so many opportunities in this wonderful county to make a life the way we want to live it.

Top Tips

  • We moved in one go from Dublin. We rented a huge van from Enterprise in Eglinton and they were extremely helpful.
  • The traffic is terrible in Limavady… between 3 and 3:15pm. There are lots of schools. Otherwise traffic is a distant memory.
  • House prices and rents allow for more opportunities here than they do in Dublin. We found the sale market to be much healthier than the rental market in terms of choice.
  • There are too many places to visit. Indecision can lead to inertia. Watch out for that one.
  • We found meeting people was easy. We joined a couple of classes for the baby, for exercise, for music. Anything really. Once we found some people, we were very quickly introduced to others.

Jennifer and Killian