Spending more time with your family is one of the main advantages of remote working. That’s according to those polled in the recent Destination Derry survey on remote working and working from home.

With the traditional office environment becoming a non-factor for the foreseeable future, many remote workers have enjoyed the opportunity to be with their loved ones at home while on the job. With no commute, there is more time to spend on family responsibilties, chores or just getting an extra hour of sleep at night!

Another advantage, for some, is the lack of pressure. Aside from the numerous Zoom calls, you are free to get on with your work at your own pace, without a middle manager cracking the whip and causing unnecessary stress to your workday.

Many of Derry’s remote workers are discovering that they much prefer being left to their own devices when it comes to their jobs.

Is working from home for you? Are you a remote worker, tell us your story!

See some feedback from others on working from home

Working from home full time during Covid now that I am a parent is wonderful in terms of flexibility, relaxed hours, the ability to cut out the travel to and from the office and spend this time with family or focusing on enhancing our life quality by going for a daily walk”.


There’s no need to waste time on commutes, meetings more efficient, I have more control over my own time including managing my time effectively”.


I appreciate not having to prepare myself lunch or having to prepare my laptop bag, for at least an hour before going into the office. I have more time before and after work”.


I think a hub where remote workers could work from or meet up to colaborate and socialize would be extremely helpful”.


Remember to relax, just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to bring work home with you”.


Don’t forget to structure your day and to designate a specific work area for yourself”.


There were great options for connectivity both before and after Covid, such as FaceTime, teleconferencing and Dropbox. No need to commute saves you time and money and also reduces your carbon footprint”.


I prefer everything about working from home. There’s more freedom, autonomy, flexibility and less stress. I have a better blend in living between the personal and professional, which means more family dinners together and comfort”.