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Destination Derry – It’s Time to Come Home

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. With 2021 just around the corner, families all across the world are reuniting virtually this Christmas. With this in mind, Taggart Homes who power the Destination Derry initiative have launched their Christmas message, #ItsTimeToComeHome video. In keeping with the theme of Destination Derry, the message is simple. […]


Jennifer and Killian’s Story

Jennifer and Killian’s story to Co Derry We, Jennifer and Killian knew each other from university in Dublin but ended up forming a relationship in Tasmania 12 years later, after Killian had been living and working there for some time. Staying there for three years together, adding Lochlann to the family along the way. We […]

Why Derry Is Such A Great Place To Live?

I like that the Derry area is unexpectedly connected. It has a good variety of decent-sized towns like Coleraine and Limavady, as well as Derry City itself. If I really need a larger city, Belfast isn’t far away but I don’t have to live there. I have everything I need here, and business trips through […]

How I Ended Up In Derry!

I ended up in Derry because I married a Derry girl, Joanne :-) . We did not immediately settle in Derry – it took over twelve years for us to get there. The journey started in the UK, where we met, and which led to us living in many countries because we both worked in […]


Derry My Personal Story

Derry, the muse of both musician and poet alike, a city of hardy beauty with a people laced with integrity. Derry may be something different to everyone, but to me it’s home. Derry is that first mouthful of tea after a long day – a living embodiment of hygge – a place you come to […]


Relocating to Derry

So you’re making the move, what happens next? We have outlined the most frequently asked questions when moving to our humble abode  Will I require a visa to live in Derry? In most circumstances a visa for stay or work will be required. Personal circumstances will dictate exactly which visa you require. For more information […]

Authentic Derry

So, you want to blend in with the locals? Here’s a few pointers to help you adapt to the ways of a proud Derry people and their endearing lifestyle. Derry people have a unique and sometimes outlandish diet. It’s not uncommon to see a local tucking into a sausage roll bap which in other parts […]